Ann Arbor Bookkeeping

Good Bookkeeping is the basic core of accounting, in fact without accurate bookkeepers your finances will be off all the way to the top.

Ann Arbor Bookkeeping services by Donald Strom are designed to be accurate and designed to optimize into the least taxable income possible. It means more than counting numbers, good journal entries with proper expense allegations can and will lead to increased tax savings.

Our firm uses very experienced individuals to handle our bookkeeping transactions; in fact our Bookkeepers are seasoned veterans with none of them having less than 15 years of experience! This is not by accident; Donald Strom does not train new bookkeepers or hire them out of college. Don has a solid crew with minimal turn over. This means that

the same person will be around for years to come, with no transfers or switches every few months.

Our Ann Arbor bookkeeper tax and accounting services are designed for stability and cost savings. Your bookkeeper will become familiar with the daily business needs you have, and then progress forward in an attempt to reduce liabilities with in the tax structure of the state and federal government.